The key to a successful wire forming operation is efficiency and precision. What matters most is getting the right products made to spec with the highest quality in the least amount of time and at the most competitive price. Although this may sound like a list of conflicting goals, finding a supplier that has these goals in mind can be a tremendous advantage to your organization.

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When you use H.E. Orr for wire forming you are using a one-stop supplier that can supply your OEM parts from concept to a finished condition wire form. Orr has e-coating and powder coating not only in the same facility, but on the same production line! This, along with sub-assembly capabilities, makes Orr tough to beat for efficiency and savings. Orr runs five to six million parts through its centrally located, Paulding, Ohio, factory each year.

H. E. Orr starts with customer specifications. A careful analysis of your needs helps determine the most cost-effective way to manufacture your parts. Whether working with customer supplied drawings or directly with the customer to design the part on our CATIA or Auto CAD systems, efficiency and quality are the top goals.

Wire formed parts are manufactured either on a dedicated bender or on a series of punch presses. Orr can accommodate solid or tube steel from six to 12 mm in diameter. If the size and scope of the specified part makes a dedicated bender more cost-effective, the engineering and tooling team works with a local preferred supplier to build the equipment to specification. If the volume is smaller, a punch press and tooling system is often more cost effective. H.E. Orr is a one-stop supplier that manufactures OEM parts from concept to a finished condition wire form.


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