To help reduce costs for wire formed parts, H.E. Orr buys raw materials directly from steel mills rather than in precut bars. This way there is no middle man to add an additional markup and inflate the price for finished parts.

This also allows Orr to draw the wire down to the exact specifications needed—keeping a tighter control on tolerances and quality. For example, a coil of plain carbon steel comes in at twenty-nine sixty-fourths (29/64") of an inch, and specifications might require drawing down to 10mm with only a + or - .03125" tolerance.

Wire-DrawingOrr's technicians and equipment can easily meet these requirements. As part of the drawing down process the steel is straightened then cut to length and moves to the forming stage. At this point the "memory" is removed from the steel. Memory is taken out of the steel to ensure a quality finished product. H.E.

Orr Company can accommodate solid or tube steel from 6 to 12 mm in diameter. To keep pricing as competitive as possible, Orr does not stock materials. Just-in-time inventory management is used for the most cost effective delivery system. Excellent relationships established over many years in business with suppliers allow H.E. Orr to get quality materials quickly.


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