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H. E. Orr Plant Expansion Expands Production Capacities and Reduces Lead Times for its Growing Automotive Customer Base

Business Expansion Feature Release

Paulding, OhioHerbert E. Orr Company announced today the completion of a 12,000 square foot expansion of its manufacturing headquarters in Paulding, Ohio. The 20 percent expansion enhances the existing facility from 60,000 to 72,000 square feet. The new expanded facility is expected to reach full operational capacity with 11 wire bending machines operating on one shift later this year.

The expansion will allow the Tier One wire-forming and coating firm to better serve North America's largest automobile manufacturers by increasing production capacity and parts production flexibility and fulfillment. The expansion will add four, full-time employees and one flex-temp to the H.E. Orr team bringing the total employment to 62 team members.

H.E. Orr is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. H.E. Orr is also a certified women owned business and has been a member in good standing of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women. H.E. Orr is also a certified member of the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).


H. E. Orr Adds Capacity and Expands Tier One Capability with New CNC 3D Wire Bending Workstation

Paulding, Ohio - H.E. Orr Company, one of the few operations in the nation to perform e-coating and powder coating on one line, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Automated Industrial Machinery (AIM) 3D-12T Accuform CNC wire forming workstation to their plant floor. H. E. Orr Company is now positioned for increased capacity, flexibility and efficiency in producing finished condition wire forms for OEM customers. As a tier one OEM supplier H.E. Orr produces over six million wire form parts each year, including hood stays and kitted accessory packages for major automotive manufacturers.

The pivotal aspects of a successful wire forming operation are efficiency and precision. Producing products made to the correct specifications while maintaining the highest quality, doing it just in time and at the most competitive price is critical to serving the OEM customer. H. E. Orr believes they can continue to exceed customer expectations with their new CNC wire forming workstation.

H.E. Orr Company Introduces New Website for Its Wire Forming, Forging, Coating, Sub-Assembly and Kitting Operations in Paulding, Ohio

H.E. Orr Company is One of the Few Operations in the Nation that Offers E-Coat Painting and Powder Coating on the Same Production Line

Paulding, Ohio - H.E. Orr Company, one of the few operations in the nation to perform e-coating and powder coating on one line, is pleased to announce the launch of its completely new website. The new site provides a wealth of information for OEMs that require electro-coating and powder coating of forge parts and products and finished condition wire forms.

“Our new website is designed to provide information on the processes we use to serve our OEM customers in the most efficient manner possible,” says Greg Johnson, president of H.E. Orr Company. “There are a wide variety of OEMs in the marketplace that can save significant money by taking advantage of our specialized service. This new website is a tool that will help us communicate this message to companies that can truly benefit from our services,” he concludes. 


H.E. Orr Company Newly Certified by the WBENC as a Women-Owned Business

Integrating Wire Forming, Coating and Sub-Assembly Proves Fruitful for H.E. Orr Company

Paulding, Ohio – H.E. Orr Company is pleased to announce it has earned certification from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a woman-owned business. Orr is thriving as a Tier One automotive parts supplier to some of the largest automakers in the business by integrating design-to-delivery services to reduce costs for customers with one-stop transportation and billing efficiencies.

Donna J. Garman, majority owner and CEO of H. E. Orr Company since 2006, and co owner since 1993, sums up the new certification, "Since many manufacturers seek out women-owned businesses, this certification definitely adds additional market opportunities. The WBENC certification will help get us to the table. Once we're there, we're confident our reputation, competitive pricing and quality will earn the business.


H.E. Orr Company Combines E-Coating and Powder Coating on One Production Line for Superior Protection and Significant Cost Savings

Paulding, Ohio - H.E. Orr Company, an innovative coating company centrally located in Paulding, Ohio, provides OEM E-coating and powder coating customers with significant cost savings and superior corrosion protection by combining two processes on one automated line. This combined coating approach is unique to the coating industry as most firms provide these two disciplines on separate production lines or with costly ship-through agreements to separate facilities.

Greg Johnson, president of H.E. Orr, explained the rationale behind the manufacturing investment. "We determined that there was a strong demand for combining both coating processes on the same line. Few companies across the country are set up in this manner. This investment in our production facility saves our OEM customers time and money," he said.



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