Always over e-coating
Because H.E. Orr operates with e-coating and powder coating on the same production line, every part gets e-coated prior to being powder coated. This provides companies an extra level of protection for their parts and is a highly desirable benefit to improve the corrosion protection attributes of the paint.

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Powder coating is considerably more durable than liquid paints providing longer corrosion protection to extend the useful life of coated parts. Powder coated surfaces are also much more resistant to chipping, scratching, and damage in general because the finish is thicker and oven cured. It is also more resistant to natural fade and wear. It is a uniform coating that has virtually no inconsistency along a parts surface or from one part to the next. Powder coating leaves a smooth finish with no runs, drips, or sags.

How it works

After completing the pre-treatment and e-coating steps, the parts are conveyed to the powder coating booth. The process is similar to e-coating except that the powder is dry and it is sprayed on to the parts. The parts are charged via electric current and the powder carries the opposite charge. Like e-coating, the powder coating material is attracted to the part in a uniform fashion. The parts are again oven cured for hardness and a smooth finish. Excess powder is reclaimed and recycled, reducing waste and protecting the environment.


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