E-coating is an exceptional painting choice for any steel part that requires high quality and exceptional durability. E-coating is especially valuable for oddly shaped and complex products. It conforms to multifaceted parts and maintains designed specifications of coating thickness without runs or drips. This is especially valuable for coating the inside surfaces of parts, deep recesses, weld marks and fasteners. More parts within spec translate to less waste, as well.

How it works

5B_EcoatingAfter completing the pre-treatment steps, the parts are conveyed to the e-coating bath area. Electric current is sent through the parts as they are dipped in the e-coating bath. This current attracts the paint that is suspended in the solution. Every uncoated area of the part attracts paint until the coating is uniform across the parts surface.

After e-coating, the part is rinsed to remove any excess paint. The rinsed off materials are returned to the e-coating bath making e-coating an environmentally friendly process. The parts are cured in a high-temperature oven following the rinse. This hardens the paint for a smooth and continuous finish.


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