Originally, cold forming was known as cold heading. Cold forming was a common way to make the heads of screws and bolts. After forming the head, the threads would be cut or rolled into the material. The advantage was the parts could be made quickly with little or no scrap.

H.E. Orr Company uses cold forming machines to make simple and complex shapes for a wide variety of applications. Orr's tooling is designed to extrude the material to (.004") of an inch tolerance. Then a series of punch presses shape the part to customer specifications. The number of punch presses is determined by the specifications of the parts produced.

Although cold forming is an old technology, it has evolved to produce complex parts with very desirable characteristics. Cold-formed parts have excellent strength because the material "flows" into its final form rather than being cut. Dimensional tolerances and surface finishes can be as good as machining and very cost effective when larger runs are needed.


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